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Since 1970, Optronic Laboratories, Inc., has developed and manufactured spectroradiometers, lamps, lamp standards and accessories that have improved the way the world measures optical radiation. From traceable light sources calibration and manufacture, to characterization of performance-critical military NVIS displays, or quality testing of automotive and commercial product displays, we continue to develop and provide metrology solutions for the most challenging light measurement applications.

Optronic Laboratories was founded by two former NIST (then NBS) physicists with the goal of becoming a valuable second source for NIST-traceable calibration standards and optical radiation sources. Today, Optronic Laboratories is one of the world’s most recognized manufacturers of NIST-traceable calibrated light sources and measurement systems. With hundreds of standards available, Optronic Laboratories perfectly matches its precision standards with a vast range of precision constant-current power supplies, ensuring correct results and repeatability every time.

Headquartered in Orlando, Florida, Optronic Laboratories designs and manufactures research-grade UV/VIS/NIR/IR measurement solutions. Our customers are guaranteed the industry’s highest quality modular systems and accessories designed to provide consistent, traceable measurements throughout the product life-cycle. Our commitment to quality and performance is recognized by our global customer base and the opportunity to solve some of the world’s most challenging light measurements.